Tear Trough Fillers

Tear trough fillers are best described as the no-nonsense aunt of the filler world. They do one thing and one thing only, and that is to fix and reverse the unsightly problem of under-eye bags. Unlike other treatments which help to enhance, define or accentuate certain features; tear trough treatments simply make the problem go away - and it works well.

With age, many people loose the fatty tissue that sits under the eye. It's a problem that is not concealed with make up, because the dark circles are caused by 3D shadowing, not darkened skin pigmentation. Dark circles and bags under the eye do more than prematurely age our appearance; they suggest ill health, lack of sleep and a hard life. It's understandable that many of our patients are at a state of frustration regarding their tear troughs when they come to see us for help.

Tear trough fillers is a procedure that takes above average expertise, and even medically qualified practitioners who are experienced injectors don't all choose to carry out tear trough fillers. Francis Clinic has a lot of experience in this advanced technique and our clients are delighted with their results.

We use a very thin dermal filler and with a cannula, insert the product into the tear trough area via the upper cheek. This technique involves less trauma and swelling to the soft tissue being treated. The results are immediate and many of our clients love to review their reflection after the first eye is treated to directly compare it to the untreated eye. The results are pretty breathtaking.

Ordinarily we use 0.5ml of filler per eye, however everybody is different and some clients may require more filler over time. The results last between 6-12 months. Tear trough fillers are one of the least painful procedures and a personal favourite of the Francis Clinic team.