Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

It is understandable to wonder how adding dermal filler to the nose can help to make it look smaller, as it sounds counter intuitive. However, that's exactly how non-surgical rhinoplasty works; by carefully placing dermal fillers to strategic locations around the nose, it can be made to look straighter, thinner and in many cases smaller.

Non surgical rhinoplasty is particularly well suited to clients with a hooked bridge, or bump, on the bridge of their nose. It's also remarkably good for clients who want the tip of their noses to appear lifted. Francis Clinic sees many clients for non surgical rhinoplasty and we notice it’s becoming increasingly popular - we are experts in creating a 'ruler straight' nose. Unlike a traditional 'nose job', nose fillers have fewer side effects, complications and down time.

At Francis Clinic, we see many patients who have already had full surgical rhinoplasty operations that sadly, have not met their expectations or have led to complications. Filler is a more affordable and temporary approach to changing the shape and perceived size of the nose. It can be used following surgery, or in some cases it's a useful first step when considering if a full nose augmentation is the right solution. It may be that you love the look and use the experience to decide that surgery is right for you, and if you do not love the look of a straighter nose - rest assured dermal fillers are temporary.

We use the best quality brand of dermal filler (containing hyaluronic acid with a numbing ingredient). Your appointment will involve a full consultation in which you can discuss your non-surgical rhinoplasty in detail with your practitioner. The procedure itself takes between 15-25 minutes. You will be given lots of after care advice, but can go about your day as normal following your procedure. Results last between 12-18 months and can be reversed.