Lip Fillers

Francis Clinic is probably best known for our lip filler treatments, an aesthetic ideal which has been made widely popular by world famous celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. We are equally skilled in all other areas of injectable aesthetic work; but Rebecca is happy to wear her crown as 'Queen of Lips'.

Good lip fillers will create symmetry, balance, and natural volume in the lip without looking over-filled or bulbous. Lip fillers also help to tackle the issue of thinning lips, which everyone experiences from the age of 27 years of age, and thus helps the face to look more youthful and buoyant.

The cupid's bow can be sharpened to perfection, or softened if preferred, and the lip line will be neatened to create definition. There are literally dozens of different lip filler methods; some are only suitable for certain clients, whilst others are employed to create a particular aesthetic look. We use a range of techniques including both injection and cannula, linear threading, nano droplets and many more.  At Francis Clinic, you won't ever see work that resembles the infamous ‘trout pouts’ and ‘duck lips’ that have understandably given lip fillers a big warning label. 

The dermal filler we use is from the world's leading brands and as an ingredient, hyaluronic acid it has an extremely low allergy rate because it is produced naturally within the body. We use a medium to thick consistency of filler so it's long wearing, and many of our clients use this treatment to correct uneven lips- rather than to create larger lips.

We use a numbing cream prior to treatment which helps ease the discomfort. We'd be lying if we said there wasn't a 'stinging' sensation; it does sting, but the filler contains local anaesthetic which numbs the lips within seconds of injecting. Most clients usually start with 1ml of filler but everybody is different and some women choose only to have 0.5ml. We are also fans of the glamorous full look, providing they suit the facial structure; and we'd love to work with you over time to create the perfect pouty look.