Cheeks, Jawline & Chin Fillers

The Francis Clinic use dermal fillers to sculpt the face in a number of ways. Cheek fillers are an extremely popular treatment, as our cheeks tend to lose volume with age. Cheek fillers can help feminise the face and create the much sought after heart shape. Jawline and chin fillers are a treatment that create definition and sharpness to the jaw, and in some cases slim the face.

Francis clinic use a cannula for cheek fillers, and for younger clients, we tend to focus on the upper outer corners of the cheekbone. This creates a beautiful natural contouring effect and enhances the hollows directly under the cheekbones. A good cheek filler treatment gives the face poise, sophistication and in many cases, provides catwalk/red carpet glamour. Cheek filler treatments can be bold or subtle depending on how much filler is used - your practitioner will discuss this with you during consultation. Older clients often suit fillers in the apple of the cheek as well as the upper cheekbones, which helps give fresh buoyancy to the face.

Cheek fillers last around 18 months and should not be overlooked as an integral filler treatment for most women over the age of 25 years old.

Jawline and chin fillers are an excellent choice for people who require more definition in this area of the face. Extreme weight loss can often result in 'jowls' or sagging to the jaw. Many people are simply not blessed with a beautiful jawline and chin, and it can affect the entire symmetry of the face. Carrying excess body fat can also result in a disappearing chin.

Dermal filler is used to sculpt and define the area of the lower face. In women, this is injected and sculpted to look feminine and pretty creating a more pointed chin; in men filler can be added to the upper outer edges of the jaw to create a masculine look. The procedure is painless for all facial sculpting and results last 18-24 months.