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Welcome to Francis Clinic, the place where beauty meets medicine. Francis Clinic is a team of aesthetic practitioners who come from a medical and healthcare field. We specialise in advanced dermal filler techniques and Botox methods, in order for you to be the most beautiful version of yourself. Our experienced team consists of a paramedic, dental surgeon and nurse; we all currently work in the medical field with live registrations. We are also lucky to have a nutritional therapist and holistic life coach. We are incredibly proud of the high standard of cosmetic work we offer. We are proud of our ethos to empower women to look and feel beautiful.

Every woman you see on this website has been treated by us, the Francis Clinic.


Hi! My name is Rebecca.

I am an aesthetic practitioner and owner of Francis Clinic. I’ve been an HCPC registered paramedic for 8 years and an operational manager for 7.5 of those. I work as a paramedic manager for 25 hours per week; working on a car as the operational commander. I am also a practice placement educator and studying for my MSc to become a specialist paramedic in urgent and emergency care. In my aesthetic role I have been described as a "phenomenal talent" by celebrity cosmetic doctor Zack Ally and am a finalist for East Sussex business woman of the year 2018. One of my happiest achievements of 2018 is to recruit a dentist, registered nurse and nutrition coach to the ever expanding Francis Clinic. I am also a mother of two little girls.

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Hi! I'm Charlie.

I'm a GDC registered dental surgeon and associate dentist in a practice in Chichester. I graduated from Leeds dental institute in 2006 with a BChD. I’ve worked as a dental surgeon ever since and love juggling my professional career with my equally important role of being a wife and mother to two boys (both under 5, eek!). I am thrilled to be the Botox doctor as part of the Francis Clinic Team. Rebecca has been a friend of mine for years so it was just a matter of time before we joined forces professionally. I particularly enjoy helping nervous patients feel more confident around needles, and I know I can do this with my Botox patients.

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Hi! I'm Marissa.

I am a fitness blogger, beauty fanatic and marketing executive. I am honoured to be part of the Francis Clinic Team, and I fell in love with Rebecca’s work after she began treating me in 2017. I manage all of the clinic’s PR and social media content. I also help the ‘behind the scenes’ administrative systems to ensure you have a great customer experience from beginning to end. You can find my fitness Instagram @marissafreeman_uk. Alternatively you can speak to me when you contact the Francis Clinic as I tend to be the person who replies.

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